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Today Sarah and I made paper flowers. And a giant pizza-cookie. And a large mess.

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watercolour portraits which look a lot better in real life i promise

i will be posting more art now thanks to one very flattering and lovely anon

these are pencil sketches based on the movie sucker punch, neither are or ever will be finished

fine liner and marker on paper

i posted this about 2 years ago but this is a better quality version of it

watercolour and fine-liner on paper

(sorry about the kanji i was like 15 i thought it was cool at the time)

the quality of this scan is awful which is disappointing bc i was really proud of it :P

fine liner on paper

acrylic paint on canvas

i did this like 2 years ago for school or something

sorry for the art spam :P

this is a self portrait i did last year, its just under 1 metre tall and about 60cm wide - done with mixed media

also im sorry for the poor quality picture, i had a better one but the file was too large to upload so i had to use a lower quality one :P

another final for school, this one is allowed in the exhibition

acrylic painted onto guitar

(the writing on the ribbon says “you may kiss the bride” sorry if its too messy to read)

this was one of my final art pieces, its around 5’3 tall (i havent measured it exactly but its as tall as me) and made from acrylic paint, glitter and mixed media collage

its being taken out of the school exhibition for being “controversial” which sucks because im actually very proud of it, so im posting it here instead

boy painted on photoshop

'the afgan girl' painted using photoshop

honey and coco from Band vs Band by Kathleen Jacques :))